Building Experience and Career Connections

The entertainment business thrives on personal connection, on navigating a behind-the-scenes world. That’s why we strive to immerse our students into experiential, hands-on internships within organizations actively engaged in the music and film industries. Through our internship program, students learn the networking skills, self-discipline, and personal responsibility necessary to thrive as a creative entrepreneur in the 21st century. Successful completion of a 120-hour industry internship and the MUIN-M260 Arts & Entertainment Internship course is mandatory for Music Industry Studies (BS) and Digital Filmmaking (BFA) majors, and optional for Music Industry Studies (BM) and Popular & Commercial Music (BS) majors.

The Career Development Center at Loyola

Loyola University’s Career Development Center provides students with a wide array of services and resources to help jumpstart their careers - while helping them discover who they truly are and potential pathways to personal success. Through job postings, career fairs, on-campus interviews, and professional development events, the center partners with a diverse range of employers to connect Loyola students with internships, careers, and options for graduate education. The Career Development Center staff are open and accessible to students via phone, email, walk-ins, and scheduled appointments. Beyond this, the center also offers workshops on useful topics, including résumés, cover letters, thank you notes, interview skills and strategies, internships, nurturing a professional network, researching salary information, and more.

Arts & Entertainment Internship: The Course

A required part of the Music Industry Studies (BS) and Digital Filmmaking (BFA) degree programs, MUIN-M260 Arts & Entertainment Internship is a three (3) credit hour course primarily designed to provide credit for students’ 120-hour internships. However, students also learn how to develop an array of vital skills from instructor Kate Duncan, including interview strategies, résumé writing, networking skills, and more.

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