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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Loyola Core?

The Loyola Core stands as a clear expression of the Jesuit vision of education. The Loyola Core serves to provide a foundation in a genuinely humanistic education -- in philosophy, religious studies, literature, history, the sciences, and the arts -- complementing the major fields of study of every undergraduate's program. The Loyola Core is designed to challenge students to develop all of their talents to the fullest; it calls for critical thinking, reflection, and disciplined study. The program is comprised of introductory and advanced courses, which vary slightly depending on students' major/college.

What is a First Year Seminar course and do I have to take it?

Yes. The gateway to the Loyola Core is the First-Year Seminar, an interdisciplinary course that focuses on questions of enduring value through the lens of "thinking critically, acting justly." The seminar introduces first-year students to college-level thinking and learning, helps develop writing and speaking skills, and promotes critical problem solving and experiential learning. Every student takes their first-year seminar in the fall semester. Read more »

May I take a prerequisite course concurrently with my required course?

As a general rule you are not authorized to take a course without the required prequisite or enroll concurrently. Prerequisite courses are carefully planned and needed to ensure that a student can handle all materials in higher level courses.

How many classes are required to maintain full-time status?

Four classes (12 credit hours) are considered full time. You may take up to 19 hours, if you qualify. The average number of classes per semester depend on your major.

What should I do if I need to withdraw from a course?

After the drop/add period and up to one week following the mailing of the fall or spring midterm grade reports, students may receive an administrative withdrawal from a course. A grade of W for the course is placed on the transcript, and the transaction requires the adviser’s and instructor’s signatures. Course withdrawal is not complete or official until all signatures have been obtained and a copy is filed in the Office of Student Records. Students who stop attending but do not officially withdraw from the course will receive a grade of F. Please refer to the academic calendar for last day of withdrawal date.

What does it mean if I’ve been placed on academic probation?

It means that your overall GPA has dropped below a 2.0, and, if in the following semester you do not raise it above a 2.0, as a general rule, you will be excluded for a semester. If any of this happens, you will be notified by the Associate Dean of the College by letter.

Will I be assigned a faculty advisor?

Yes. All students are assigned an adviser who is a faculty member in their major. Students may obtain the names of assigned faculty advisers from the office of the dean of their college, from the chair of their department, or from Loyola’s Online Records Access (LORA).

What should I do if I have any other questions?

Schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor and they will gladly set aside a time to meet with you!


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