Metallica Bassist Robert Trujillo Forces Script-to-Screen Class to Relocate to Nunemaker Hall

metallica bassist robert trujillo

Artist-in-residence and professor Jim Gabour’s “Script to Screen” class has been part of a new and rapidly-growing BFA in Digital Filmmaking program, but the class itself recently had to move to large quarters.

Robert Trujillo, famous as bassist of multi-platinum, Grammy-winning rock band Metallica, stopped by to promote his new documentary, Jaco. Along with co-producer Johnny Pastorius, son of legendary bassist and subject of the film Jaco Pastorius, Trujillo tells Pastorius’ story as he grows from a star high school athelete to a self-taught and larger-than-life musician.

The movie features rock legends such as Bootsy Collins, Herbie Hancock, Flea, and Joni Mitchell, and illustrates how Jaco forever changed the course of modern music by redefining the sound and role of the electric bass guitar. Rare film, photographs, and audio recordings unveil the truth behind the legend of Jaco, his music, and his heartbreaking end. Jaco is a joint venture with Passion Pictures, renowned for their Oscar-winning Searching for Sugar Man, and will premiere nationwide on November 22nd.

Trujillo also filled in the eager audience with mentions of Metallica's new album, and his return to band rehearsals after taking a break to attend its screening at the New Orleans Film Festival. He also stayed in the Crescent City for an extra day for this visit to Gabour and his film students.

Fall 2015 is the first semester for Loyola’s new Digital Filmmaking program. After completing the degree and its 21 hours of business courses, students will be awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).

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