Fulbright and MTV send Dimitri Staszewski, '14, to Mongolia for Cultural Research

Trying to find Dimitri Staszewski isn’t easy. The Loyola music industry studies alum and Fulbright scholar has something of a penchant for global wanderings.

Born in San Francisco, Dimitri found himself moving to New Orleans and attending Loyola after playing and recording music at San Francisco’s Urban School. But traveling across the country only ignited a deeper passion for travel; while at Loyola, he traveled to Mongolia in 2013 and started recording the distinctive local music he encountered. "I used the recordings I captured to create the Mongol Music Archive as my undergraduate thesis,” he explains.

After graduating in 2014, Dimitri only wanted to travel more. "I decided to take a break from music and moved to rural southwestern Colorado to learn to wrangle horses on a dude ranch. After that, I used the money I had made to travel around Thailand and Laos, and then to Lander, Wyoming, to work for the National Outdoor Leadership School.”

After quite the world tour, he finds himself back in familiar territory. "Now I'm back in Mongolia.” His return has bene supported by the Fulbright Scholarship, which has been co-sponsored by MTVu, the 24-hour college-based MTV network. He’ll be researching and documenting the changing nomadic culture in Mongolia and the cultural force of their music.

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