Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, our dance program is an opportunity to grow as a performer. The study of dance is critical to the study of Musical Theatre and the coursework provided will give majors the necessary skills to succeed professionally. We believe any student can benefit from the confidence, creativity, and physical awareness that dance offers and therefore classes are open to all majors. Course offerings vary by semester so that we can provide diverse styles of dance training. Some course offerings include:

Basic Ballet: An introductory course to the foundations of classical ballet technique, emphasizing alignment, movement vocabulary, execution of movement and alignment principles, and musicality.

Jazz Dance For Musical Theatre: A study of jazz dance styles, with an emphasis on musical theatre dance, exploring alignment, musicality and rhythmic styles, performance qualities, and precision of movement execution. 

Tap Dance for Musical Theatre: An open-level technique class, which will give all students the opportunity relative to their individual abilities to learn, master basic skills and steps, understand, practice, and develop technical skills in basic tap dance styles, traditional movement terms, neuromuscular coordination, and kinesthetic sense. 




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