RIP Olivia but Long Live Gladys Presley!

SPOILERS: In a shocking scene on "The Walking Dead" our beloved Olivia falls to the ground, victim to a gunshot wound to the face, and Ann Mahoney Kadar's tenure on the show comes to a climatic end. As devestated as many fans of the show were by the surprise death that so differs from the plot in the comic book for which the hit show is based, we in the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance know that the death of one character can sometimes lead to the birth of a new one. Ann's newest venture is as Gladys Presley, mother of Elvis, on the new CMT show "Sun Records." The eight part miniseries is based on the musical "Million Dollar Quartet" and centers around Elvis (Drake Milligan) and Sam Phillips (Chad Michael Murray), the producer who guided the future King of Rock through his early years. Premiering on February 23 on CMT at 10/9C, "Sun Records" is sure to resonate with audiences as it explores not only the excitement of the birth of rock and roll but also the troubling race relations that permiated 1950s culture. See the offical trailer HERE.

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