Admission by interview or audition.

The figures below represent the tuition for the academic year (September - May).
Tuition is paid in advance in 3 installments with payments due in September, November, and February.


See the 2017-2018 Dance Schedule and Fees

Instrumental: Brass, Guitar, Piano*, Strings**

  • One 30-min. private lesson per week; tuition: $867, $903, $984
  • One 45-min. private lesson per week; tuition: $1,266, $1,314, $1,431

* Participation in a weekly group class is mandatory for all school-age piano students providing a class is offered that suits their needs and abilities. Please see below for rates.

** Tuition does not included required children's course fees for the Greater New Orleans Suzuki Forum group classes.

Piano for school age students

Our piano program for school age students consists of a weekly private lesson and a 45-minute group class.

The multiple tuition figures listed below reflect the experience, education, and certification level of the private piano teacher.

  • One 30-min. private lesson and one 45-minute group class per week; tuition: $1,182, $1,212, $1,299
  • One 45-min. private lesson and one 45-minute group class per week; tuition: $1,572, $1,617, $1,740

Prior to beginning piano lessons, we require a placement interview for all incoming school-aged students.  This interview is intended to give us an opportunity to meet the child, assess what level they are on, and get a feel for their personality in hopes of placing them with a teacher who will be a good fit. Length of the lesson and teacher placement will be determined by the director.

*If at the time of the interview, it is determined that there is not an appropriate group class for the student, a recommendation will be made that the student study privately only. The student will then be billed at the without-group rate until they are ready to enroll in a group class.

Adult Sampler Lesson Package


  • One 30 min. private lesson per week: $999
  • One 45 min. private lesson per week: $1,479


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