Andrew Campanelli (‘09): Member of The Revivalists

A native of Falls Church, Virginia, Andrew got his introduction to music by taking piano lessons in first grade, and started playing drums at age 11. After seeing numerous New Orleans bands as the year drew to a close he decided to be near the music that he had grown to love and moved to New Orleans to attend Loyola. During his time as an undergrad, Andrew immersed himself in the music scene of the city, and found himself inspired by the unique tradition of New Orleans.

Through spending time at Tahitian’s Sunday music workshops, he met guitarist Zack Feinberg, who was starting a new band with a singer that he had just met. With Andrew on board, The Revivalists played their first show four days later.

After seven years of making music together, The Revivalists are a nationally-touring alternative rock band, now with seven members. Having played major festivals such as Wakarusa and Forecastle, the group enjoys a dedicated fanbase for their energetic live performances. The Revivalists are currently promoting their latest studio album, Men Amongst Mountains, released July 2015.

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