The School of Mass Communication requires all students to complete at least one internship for credit towards their degree. An internship is an extension of the classroom into the workplace. It is designed to give juniors and seniors the opportunity to test what they have learned in the classroom and to continue to learn in the workplace. 

Many internship opportunities are posted on Employola. Students should register with Employola right away to get an idea of what is available and where they might like to work.

Sometimes a student finds an internship on his or her own. If the company is in the greater New Orleans area, the employer must register with Employola. If the internship is not local, students should contact

All internships must be approved in advance. Students must also have taken or be registered in CMMN A491 in order to get credit for an internship. Students can take that course up to three times. Contact Laura Jayne, Student Services Coordinator, if you have any questions about internships.

Here's where some of our students intern:


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