Design News

John Seefedlt created a 3D model of the Black American community of Fazendeville that was demolished in the late 1960s in order to disenfranchise t

John Seefeldt, Loyola University Assistant Professor of Interactive and New Media at will be exhibiting his new work, "Fragments of Reconstruction

The 29th September Competition presented by the Alexandria Museum of Art is an exhibition selected by juror Francis Pavy from national and internat

Led by new faculty member Tippy Tippens of Goods that Matter, Loyola University New Orleans design students and GoodWood NOLA engaged in a three-we

Burnell Cotlon fshared his inspiring story Ellen shared on her show earlier this season.

A 2016 Loyola University New Orleans graduate caps off her four years in college with a special win.

Benjamin Benus’s essay “The Vienna Method in Amsterdam: Peter Alma’s Office for Pictorial Statistics” (co-authored with Utrecht-based social scient

Patrick Burtchaell, design sophomore, was selected for a product design internship at Facebook for summer 2016.

Each year the Art and Design departments invite majors and minors to participate in educational trips focused on the visual arts.

Joanie Cahill ’05 (graphic design) is the marketing and creative director for Bona Dea, an organic gluten- and allergy-free baking mix company.