Julie Morel

Fulbright Scholar in Residence

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537 Monroe Hall
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Department of Design
6363 St. Charles Ave.
Campus Box 133
New Orleans, LA 70118
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(504) 861-5457
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Short Bio

Julie Morel is a Fulbright Scholar in Residence. She received a Master in Fine Art from the Paris Fine Arts School (under the direction of Tony Brown and Christian Boltanski) and a post degree on Interactive media at the Art Décoratif School (Paris). In France she an artist and is a designer. She is a full professor at EESAB (European Art School in Brittany). 

Her practice looks at text in its written and visual form. Fueled by the need to question our relation to language, her work takes different graphical forms: typography, books, drawings, installations, and online projects. 

Coming from various backgrounds - languages, literature, art, and design - she uses all those influences to develop a singular design practice, which allows participatory design methods, team works, and co-creation. Her expertise as an artist was an asset to build a solid knowledge of the cultural industry and allows her to work as a graphic designer and consultant for museums, galleries, research labs and designers.
From 2008 to 2012, she co-organized and co-curated The Upgrade! Paris, a series of monthly conferences focusing on culture and technology, thus creating opportunities for encounters between designers, artists and engineers. 

She has directed two research projects endowed by the French Ministry of Culture and thus creates opportunities for young emerging creators. With the same idea, she has build Geographies variables, an art in residence program between Canada and France, with an emphasis on technologies.

Her latest design projects include visuals and design for publication on demand, as part of an event for “Mons European Capital for Culture 2015” (Brussels, Belgium), visual identity for an exhibition at Le Carreau Art Center (Cergy, France), a Web site for a curators collective, and posters for the Val-de Seine Architecture School in Paris.

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