Loyola alumni celebrate New Orleans with new book


Loyola University New Orleans alumni Ness Higson ‘97 and Lizzy Margiotta ‘10 have captured the distinctive spirit of The Big Easy, one letter at a time, in their new book “Love Letters from New Orleans.”

Higson, a graduate of Loyola’s Department of Art and Design and lead art director on the book, spearheaded the project, which uses photography and typography to take readers on a unique journey of New Orleans by recounting experiences through letters, from A to Z. Higson used a Kickstarter campaign to raise more than $20,000 to cover the publishing costs.

“Of all of the projects and endeavors I have been a part of in my creative career, this book is something I'm extremely proud of,” Higson said. “It's something that should be on any New Orleanian's shelf.”

In addition to mass communication alumna and secondary designer Margiotta, the collaborative team also included copywriter Anthony Vachris and photographer Daymon Gardner. Like Higson, everyone who worked on the project has a deep connection with New Orleans and has resided here at least once in their lives.

A list of locations currently selling “Love Letters from New Orleans” is available online.

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